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Would yall have played this hand?

Here I am at the gardens casino in Los Angeles playing 2/3. I just lost a good hand 3 hands prior (Two pair vs a middle pair and over that hits it on the turn) so I'm sort of on tilt. I get dealt 68o in position. 4 people call and I call. Flop comes 5 7 J (rainbow) given me the open ended straight. I proceed to see 3 people shove, one mucks but shows his hand (AJo). I know odds are 31.5% for an open ended and I put the other 3 shovers on over pairs, increasing my odds. My logic is that I'm getting 4:1 on roughly a 40% chance. Was this a fish move or was this a positive EV hand? River comes 4 so I do end up winning, but I'm curious if I shouldn't have called it and maybe I called it because I was on tilt. Thoughts?
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Wynn Las Vegas closing race and sportsbook, poker room

Also all casinos in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Parx and Valley Forge Casino in PA, Commerce Casino, Hawaiian Gardens Casino and Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles have suspended operations.
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Can anyone review my work. I wrote a short story, and attempted to incorporate a brand of humor. However, I’m not sure if it works. Thanks!

James ran away at an incredible speed, never looking back for even a moment. He feared for his life, but greed had consumed him. His speed was slowed due to the weight of precious, priceless jewels and riches weighing him down. It was not convenient to say the least. Especially when being hunted by an angry god. But, where did this all start? How? When? Where? What? Why? Why is James Gold, legendary treasure hunter, being chased by gods?
Well, it all started on July 19th, 2017, at a casino in Los Angeles. James had been rolling dice and drinking all night long, spending his lavish wealth on cheap pleasures. He had gotten rich from years of adventure and experience. However, he was now retired. Not due to age, just calling it quits. James was only 34. He had gotten out of the treasure hunting business because it had gotten “boring.” At least, that’s the bull James told everyone. No one bought it. Everyone and their mother had some sort of theory on what had happened. Some said James was secretly working for the government. Others said he had gone insane with power and money. Everyone’s story was different. No one truly knew what had happened to the once great James Gold. James, however, seemed to be living the dream. Every day-and night-was a party. Even the death threats and bitter rivals had decreased! Speaking of which, James (former, kind of) rival: William Montgomery Stones, had stopped trying to be better than James. Simply because, he was due to James’ fall from grace. His company was doing much better, while James had stepped down from CEO, and handed that position over to Laura Drake. (James’ former COO) Laura basically did everything. She was the behind the scenes, while James was the face, or image, of the company. However, the media practically hated him, or maybe that’s just trying to get a story. (Journalism, am I right?) Back to that fateful night: Anyways, James was being irresponsible. The night ended (technically next morning began) with him waking up in a hotel room he didn’t remember ordering. Also, some other lady had joined him, apparently. That too had slipped memory lane. After getting hotel breakfast downstairs, then trying to make it up an elevator with pancakes and eggs back to the room, James ate a not nutritious breakfast, and had a confusing checkout at noon. The other lady was ordered a limo to take her wherever, while James headed back to his company building. He had received a call from a distressed Laura. Laura sounded angry over the phone, and was saying something about responsibility comes with great power and financial debt or something. James was too hungover (is that a word?) too listen. Finally arriving at the big building, James stepped out of the limousine. He tipped through the Uber app, and unhappily walked through a revolving door, which is impossible. He took the elevator up to the third floor, and prayed to the only future-controlling gods he could think of: The Simpsons writers. The elevator doors opened. There stood Laura Drake, standing in a pose only describable as Sharpy Evans with hands on the hips. Laura, (who looks really close to Jennifer Lawrence by the way) was clearly feeling the same feeling as James. Well, maybe not like fluid was about to pour out of all ends, but unhappy to say the least. She immediately went off on James, talking about business this and what were you honestly thinking that. It went down a little bit like this: “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!” “I wasn’t.” “DO YOU KNOW HOW IRRESPONSIBLE THIS IS, AND HOW MUCH YOU ARE SPENDING?” “No, but I would if you told me.” It was then that a noise that can only be described as undescribable was made. It sounded like a bit of shriek, growl, and Shrek crying. Surprisingly, no one covered their ears, except everyone. If a donkey was stabbed, maybe the sound could be compared to that sound. Otherwise, it is completely unique, and has a whole new level of ear torture to it. James yawned. From there, Laura dragged James into her (his former) office. Laura began a calmer talk, about how James needed to recompose his life. That went a little something like this: “James, you need to listen to me. You are spending thousands on pointless crap. What you’re doing isn’t going to end well, for the both of us. You need to figure out what’s next for you, but don’t drag anyone else down if that’s where you want to go.” James actually thought about this one. It seemed...reasonable. Be a better person. He could do it. He would just have to limit the daily drinks ration from 10 to 9. “James, until you get your life back together, you are done making our company and yourself look bad. Therefore, I’m not including you on company decisions and other things like so.” “But, this is my company?” 
“Not anymore.”
“What can I do to reclaim my stolen property?”
“Turn your life around. No gambling. No parties. Find a way to get out of the hole you’ve buried yourself in.”
“And what about drinks?” Laura laughed. “Not a chance in hell.” “Great,” James mumbled. “By the way, if I start getting withdrawal symptoms, I blame you.” And just like that, James exited the building. Just like that. Well, after the conversation finished. (It finished with James being escorted by security out of the building) James now had nowhere to go. Where to now? Certainly not to the lair of the devil woman. Hotels were a bust. James had a house. Three of them, but had taken a limo to the company building. So, logically, the best idea was to crash at Pablo’s. (I’m not writing the story, I’m reading it) Pablo as in Pablo Kikedis, officially licensed best friend of James. (also future sidekick) He looked like Luis Miguel and Luis Fonsi’s 5th cousin. James, of course, showed up uninvited. But, Pablo was just oh so delighted to have company. Especially when you consider the fact that his girlfriend had just left him. (My best guess is that Pablo didn’t match the same profile picture showed on his Tinder account) Pablo lived in a cabana on the beach. He had constructed it himself, so it was flimsy. But, it was larger than the average cabana-beach house hybrid, so it worked. James found a room with a pull-out couch and a TV that was just...a box. Half the channels were grey static. The other half was slightly visible image with grey static. For James, it would do. He asked Pablo how he was doing, and if he had any beer in the mini-fridge. The answer was yes. After sipping down a nice cold Bud Light and gagging, the next step of the plan was set into motion. James and Pablo plotted an elaborate scheme. It was incredible. They would do...wait for it...absolutely nothing! One could say that two bumps on a log were more productive than these two, which would probably end up being true. But, unluckily for these two bums, the plot isn’t going to drive itself. (actually, it will) Rather, fortune favors phone calls from the lady you just called demon hag twenty minutes ago. Laura rang, and James sent her voicemail. After the seventh call, he considered blocking her, but realized that wouldn’t work. He answered, and heard the usual: “Ignoring me won’t work.” “Trust me, I tried.” James rolled his eyes. “Well, I called to see how you are enjoying the new life.” James responded with the following mouthful: “I walked over to my friend, who lives on a beach. On the walk there, I was almost hit by a car three times. One of those times looked like a company car, just so you know. And now, I’m drinking alcohol on the beach.” “No drinking.” “Come stop me.” “Alright, I will.” Laura hung up the phone. James immediately regretted his decision, but then realized Laura didn’t know which beach he was on. 
In 15 minutes, there was a loud knock on the door.
James could only muster up enough brainpower to think two words: “Ah shi-
“Is James in here? James Gold?”
“Pablo, if you open that door, I swear-
Pablo opened the door, and in walked Laura Drake. (It’s incredible the amount of eye-rolling that can go on in a moment) Laura immediately went off on James. “James Gold, what are you thinking?”
“Hey Laura!” James started angrily. “My friend’s cabana, my rules.”
“So this is responsible to you?”
“It is called formulating a plan for the future.”
Laura covered her nose. “Well, it doesn’t smell like it.” She turned to Pablo next.
“Pablo, is it? Keep James off drinks. Otherwise, we’ll have a problem.”
Then, she left. (seems like a pretty pointless visit, or just lazy writing) James went and collapsed on the pull-out couch. If this was his new life forever, he actually needed something to change. This sucked.
James spent the night thinking to himself. He wondered. “What had gone wrong? What had happened to the once great James Gold? Was this really his legacy? …….No. It was not. The great James Gold would rise once again! In the morning, after breakfast...and maybe after lunch too.”
After waking to a more ecstatic start, James knew exactly where he needed to go. Using Pablo’s car, he drove to his mansion. The primary one, not the secondary and third. He headed up to his master bedroom. In a small drawer, there lay a notebook. This notebook was key. It contained records of James’ days in the treasure hunting business. Every adventure. Every foe. And every unsolved mystery ever. That was the most important part. Everything James hadn’t done. Now, he would. There were many things left untapped. James flipped through the many pages. The Oracle of Merrin. The Forrest Fenn Treasure of the Rocky Mountains. El Dorado. The Tomb of Magni. The Tree of Almaya. There was so much left unexplored. Uncharted. Undiscovered. The promise, the call of adventure was so great. The only question was: Yes or no? Return to a world of thieves, danger, and adrenaline, or stay forever a waste.
James picked up the notebook, and shoved it in his pocket. He said to himself, “This one’s for you, Laura.” James was determined to restore his legacy, reclaim his former glory, (and totally prove Laura wrong).
Before leaving the mansion, James went into the bathroom. In the mirror, he checked out his Tom Cruise-esque look, and then actually did something of importance. In a vault meant for emergency, James kept a heap of money. If he was going to get back in the treasure business, he needed cash for travel. James also grabbed his backpack, and treasure gear. Finally, it was time for action. James would also get a chance to add to his treasure vault, a vault that hadn’t been open for years. The treasure vault was made to store (treasure, right?)
Now, James returned to the cabana. He needed a partner to help him out. He and Pablo sat on the not pull-out couch, and discussed what to do.
Pablo was intrigued. “Yo, El Dorado sounds lit.” “Yeah, I guess.” James thought for a moment. He needed something that would grab attention, and look good to the public. But, there were so many options. Then, a lightbulb sparked (figurative, not literal) inside of James’ head.
“Hey Pablo, I already got an idea in mind.”
“What is it?”
“Pablo,” James smiled. “We’re going to find the Tomb of Magni.”
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Casino Changing Rules Of A Tournament After It Starts?

Link to blog post: https://thebicyclecasino.blogspot.com/2019/07/correction-on-100000-guaranteed-day-2.html

This afternoon, The Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles, announced via their blog that the structure sheet on Event #20 in their current tournament series was apparently incorrect. It had said that 30% of the Day 2 field would be paid, when in fact 60% would be, something they only bothered updating AFTER the first 2 flights had ended. This will drastically affect the payout structure, especially at the top.

What are your thoughts about a casino doing this?

Edit: A 30% payout structure is also still listed on the site itself: https://www.thebike.com/play/major_tournament_summer_poker_series_2019.php
If you scroll down, you'll see it there unless they eventually update it.
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This is not a concept album at all

Hear me out. At first glance, it appears as if the lyrics are about the hotel/space/characters blabla and it seems like a concept album. Seems pretty straightforward.
However, read it again. This time, however, think of it as a very personal album depicting Alex's depression, struggle with fame and the loss of a loved person (not death, but you-know-who). You'll realize this is not about the Casino/Moon/Los Angeles at all. This is another Suck It and See, but this time it's buried in a lot of metaphor and analogies.
The ending lines of The Ultracheese are the key.
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Two hands from live 2-3 session

Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles. 2-3 NLHE, 100-300 buyin.
Hand 1 I joined a new game (9 handed) about 1.5 hours before this hand. Villain is old guy in in 70s with dyed hair and wearing a sport coat. He bought in for 200 and has rebought at least once. He's up from his last rebuy, to about 250 (I'm about 225), but still down overall. He looser than the typical OMC, probably calls too much, seems to bet when he has something.
Hero is 30s-40s guy. Table image is probably very tight (don't think V is paying attention though). I've played about 5-7 hands outside of the blinds, won 2, showing AJs in one of them.
Villain in BB and I am UTG+1. Effective stacks 225 1 fold I open to 15 with KhQh folded to V who calls.
Flop is Kc Js 5c
Villain leads for 15. I raise to 40. He calls. At this point I put him on any K, any J, 55, or clubs. There's been some trappy play at the table (people calling with AA, then not raising when the board gets scary), though not form V specifically. He's a regular though, so I keep 55 in the range at this point.
Turn is 5d.
Villain audibly sighs. I don't think it's an act, and refine the range to KQ, KJ or clubs. He checks. I bet 50. He calls after maybe 5-10 seconds.
River is 7c. V bets 50. Hero???
[EDIT: Follow up question. Are flop raise and turn bet amount right?]
Hand 2 Villain in this hand is young 20s kid. Seems nervous, but knows enough about the game to straddle, which he does about 1/3 of the time. Plays a lot of hands, and calls super light. He called on the river with K high in one hand, and showed after calling down with 2nd pair.
Effective stacks about 150. Villain covers by a little. Hero in EP with QQ. One call in front of me so I raise to 18. Villain calls, rest fold.
Flop is K x x (no straight or flush)
I bet 25. V calls. At this point, I'm happy. He might have a K, but he could easily have an 2nd or 3rd pair, or a pocket pair TT or less.
Turn is A. Villain immediately glances over at my stack. Now I'm worried I'm beat, either by Aces up or by just a pair of Aces. He could call the flop with Ace high I think.
I say to him, "You really liked that Ace, huh? Looking at my stack?" In retrospect, I shouldn't have said anything. He doesn't reply. I check and he checks immediately.
River is a 9. At this point, I just want to get to show down. He might call with something I beat (maybe 10% of the time), but I think I'm beat more often than not.
So action on the river? If I bet, how much? If I check and he bets, how much can I call?
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Tourist here, a few questions about shopping vinyl in the US

Edit- Thanks for all the replies! For future ones, if you could please try to add NYC locations, seeing as that's the place I'll have the most free time. Cheers!
Hey! First of all, sorry if this is against the rules. I went through some stickies and it didn't say anything against this. I'm gonna be visiting the US in a couple of weeks and thought it could be cool to go through some shops and see what I can find. Could you guys spill the beans about some cool record stores? New and used? Specifically those in NYC, San Francisco, Las Vegas(is there anything in vegas besides casinos?) and Los Angeles?
Also, could you please tell me the average prices for vinyls in $? My country has it's own standards for pricing etc.
One more- this is more of a general question. What's the difference between an official release and a bootleg (in term of playability. I understand that a bootleg is the equivalent of a burnt cd) and how could I tell the difference when seeing one, both in person and online?
Thank you very much!
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Bring back casino in the next gta0 upgrade plz R*

Seriously in gta,u can just call a hooker and walk away and theres no even a single casino in los angele?plz rockstar bring back gamble
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1/2 NL Live, Hand analysis

Hey guys, recently started playing live, not too experienced but I always come up so I like to consider myself a pretty good player, I have a lot left to learn though. I just came back from hollywood park casino in Los Angeles and wanted to know if I played this hand right.
Hero is sitting one under the button, Villian to the left is a TAG player. Hero has $250 behind, Villian has about $90 behind him.
Hero is dealt AcJh, Hero raises to 5, Villian raises to 25. Hero calls. Flop comes up 8h 4h 2h. Hero bets $10, Villain snap shoves all in (about 70ish dollars).
My thought process here was that he had a strong pair, I ruled out trips because from what I've seen from this guy, he won't raise with anything less than AK suited. I immediately thought he had aces and I said it, "You have aces huh?" He said, "Yeah I do."
With that information what would you do?
Results will come after I get some responses, thanks in advance.
EDIT: RESULTS I called, he flipped over Aces, no heart, Turn came a brick and the river was the queen of hearts, I guess I lucked out and took down the pot. Left there with a profit of like $200
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Found this Essay I wrote from a while back

Had to write a descriptive essay back when I was in school and just came across it again. Disclaimer: the featured hand is the cliche climax where the villian gets there on the river but the essay is mainly for descriptive purposes-not high level poker content lol. If you read it, hope you enjoy.
Commerce Casino
"All in", that moment in poker when you put your entire stack on the line. I'm sitting at an oval table resembling a horse track with nine other degenerates all trying to do the same thing: win big. Beads of sweat start to form on my forehead, my mouth gets dryer as the rate of my heartbeat increases to a rapid gallop. I can feel blood pulsing and beating in my temples like war drums, but why? With the first three cards shown, I have the best hand at the moment. The sucker at the end of the table called my all in bet but his hand needs to improve in order to beat mine. With two cards to come, the gentleman, if he's worthy of that title, given the fact that he's already had two warnings from the staff about patting a waitress' rear, seems confident that he'll get lucky and his card will come. He needs a diamond. Around me there is table banter: A couple of Asian men looking like they just got off of work, talking to one another about poker strategy, or something else, I couldn’t tell. Young online gambling prodigies crunching numbers and blabbing about odds and statistics. Apparently, the likelihood of my opponent catching the card he needs to best me is roughly thirty five percent. There's always a frail old man at the table who sits expressionless and is almost a bigger distraction than the actual loudmouthed players themselves. You almost feel guilty about taking his money but, in an environment like this, there’s no room for that. Around me people are ordering drinks, drunkenly spilling on themselves, the table, and other players. Overly confident Middle Eastern business men singing aloud to themselves as if they think no one is around. And that's just my table, one of fifty-four in a crowded side room of the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles.
The casino is built into a Crown Plaza Hotel located in the industrial area of Commerce, California. The décor does not have direction, there is a Greek-style fountain in the front of the building and you are greeted by Sphinxes in the lobby. The carpets attempt to be elegant with its green Renaissance era floral pattern but it only comes off as desperate; the same desperation that ninety percent of these gamblers experience on a day to day basis. There is a subtle smell of cigarette smoke baked into the walls that has almost dissipated from the days when it was still legal to smoke indoors. That doesn’t bother me because when I play poker, I smoke. In order to maintain this degenerate image I project, in order to sell the experienced poker player persona, I need to have another vice to compliment my gambling. I don’t drink when I play, so smoking will do. Along the path to my table, I walk through the casino hearing cheers of joy and cries of anguish as players gamble with their paychecks and rent money. The shuffling of chips in the players’ hands sounds like rain falling into an aluminum gutter, trickling down the drain over and over again. To my right at the bar, waitresses are serving drinks with fake smiles to entice greater tips from hopeful men.
The next card is a spade. There is a skip in the powerful beat in my heart as I feel that I’ve dodged a bullet, but the relief is short-lived since there’s another card to come. I sense my opponent at the other end of the table experience the same skip in his rhythm but for a different reason. His disappointment is followed by the distressed pleas to the Poker Gods, “One time! One time!”. As he prays for his card to come, I quietly pray that it doesn’t.
I pass a lone security guard sitting in his booth overlooking part of the room, he’s not paying attention, going through the motions of his mundane job. I’m just short of twenty one years old and have a baby face to boot but he doesn’t notice. I’ve been coming here for the past three years and the jolt of adrenaline of possibly getting caught when I step into this building has worn off. It used to be exciting, something new; my main distraction in my “game” was looking over my shoulder to see if someone was “radio-ing me in”, but that doesn’t cross my mind anymore and soon won’t be an issue at all. In order to get a table, I navigate my way through a sea of passing players to put my name on the waitlist, trying not to clip their shoulders with mine. The room has a subtle odor of an old cafeteria but is overpowered by the countless bodies sitting at tables.
Playing poker in a casino this size is a germophobe’s worst nightmare. Hundreds of players touching the same chips, same cards, coughing, sneezing, eating, wiping their hands across their nose; the Purell stations at each entrance are staring at you with a grin, mocking you because even they can’t sanitize what’s breeding in the room. This is my haven because this is where I hope to make it big and become a professional poker player. This is the lifestyle I desire, the big life, like you see on TV. I envy those guys, living in the Las Vegas suites, playing poker day in and day out, partying in the best clubs, traveling to other countries to increase the size of their bank roll. The filth, cheap décor, and childish thrills are just stepping stones along the path to poker stardom.
My name is called and I once again find my way through a multitude of players to my table. I empty my wallet by taking out five crisp one hundred dollar bills and give it to the chip runner who confirms “five hundred on seat three”, as he’s been trained to do. Hands come and go as I get into my groove and zone out on the dark green felt table. After playing for a few hours, I notice that same dark green felt under all of my finger nails from the excessive shuffling of chips and mindless activity that my hands perform on the table. It’s all part of the charm. The hand of the night is dealt and I’m all in, with only one card left to come, I’m in great position to take down a very large pot. Both my opponent and I are staring intensely down at the table where the previous cards have been laid out, waiting for the last one to drop. The dealer with robotic discipline taps the felt twice with his hand signifying that he is about to place the final card on the table. The casino is empty. All noise and background chatter ceases and it’s just me, the “gentleman” at the end of the table, and a hand turning the last card over. I am off my seat leaning over the table in hopes to be the first to see the card come.
Nausea tickles my stomach as a bright red seven of diamonds is exposed. I drop back into my seat, disgusted about what has unfolded. My mind is racing with confusion, disbelief, and denial as I stare at the seven that has always been my lucky number. Celebrations at the end of the table erupt as I sit to think about what has been stolen from me. This entire rollercoaster of emotions has happened in less than twenty seconds and I am left exhausted. I get up to go relieve myself with a cigarette so I can torture myself by reliving the moment and trying to determine what I could have done differently. With each drag, my mouth fills with a foul yellow smoke that is thick and bitter. I’m still shaking from the abrupt anti-climax and the cigarette is only a temporary fix. I could go back inside, make one last withdrawal and win it back, easy, but my better judgment kicks in and I call it a night. The ride home empty handed is lonely and seems longer than the time it took to arrive. There’s always tomorrow.
Walking into the casino today, five years later, recalling the major wins and crippling losses, is very enlightening. I think about how young I am today at twenty five and it’s comical how much younger I was back then. Going with my best friend is for pure enjoyment, I am not trying to be the professional degenerate poker player I once sought out to be. But, being there now has a dullness to it that it never had five years ago. The inside continues to be renovated, eliminating that shoddy charm it used to have. With updated electronics and a new kitchen, it can almost pass for a place that people would want to go even if they didn’t gamble. Just as a bitter-sweet sense of nostalgia settles over me, I sit down at a table and hear the sound of all the chips around me and begin to shuffle them myself.
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Jamie Kennedy's 2013 skit/commercial for a Los Angeles casino, complete with Native American headdresses, terrible Mayan calendar jokes, and more.

Jamie Kennedy's 2013 skit/commercial for a Los Angeles casino, complete with Native American headdresses, terrible Mayan calendar jokes, and more. submitted by Romobyl to cringe [link] [comments]

[crit] Dale Noq [~1400] [Fiction]

This is my first ever attempt at writing. please give feedback. its the prologue in my novel in progress.
Barona Resort and Casino, one of the most famous casinos in Los Angeles. There are many tourists that come here and lose all of their money, luckily, I’m no tourist. I’m Dale Noq, an ‘average’ 16 year old with scruffy black hair, golden eyes and often mistaken for being much older. Maybe it’s because I talk eloquently, or maybe it’s because I’m tall, or maybe it’s just because I look worn. I’ve been on the road for the past five months. Five long months where each day was similar to today, but not the same. Today, in the cliched form, is the beginning of the end. Where planets come to die. Ok, maybe not quite so, but things changed. For better or for worse that’s your decision to make, I only tell the story. Barona Resort and Casino, one of the most famous casinos in Los Angeles. An adequate place for me to steal from others and take for myself. I open the big glass doors and enter the dark room with disco balls twirling about. Pulling down my hat, I side step behind some machines and stealthily maneuver myself to the less flashy, darker, more illegal side of the room. I notice many people leaned over with their noses pressed against slot machines hoping for a lucky run. This’ll be my lucky day, they think their last thought to themselves as they put their hand in their pockets for the next $20 bill they don’t have. They no longer have the cash to go get drunk and forget about their miserable lives. What a petty existence. A petty existence that I have jealousy of, for they leave themselves up for chance to bring them to their knees and can blame the world when they lose. But, I loath them too, they allow chance to take them and blow them away with the rest of the leaves. But I am in no place to stop such gamblers from throwing their life away. I keep walking by them. I notice those working in the background, bringing around food to those who feel good after just winning $50 after spending $100. Those workers don’t care, they get their hourly wage and move on. I notice the manager in the back looking around making sure everything is running smoothly. He looks around nonchalantly and pulls out his phone and walks into the kitchen. I finally arrived where I belong, in the chess section, where one’s ability play and deceive is directly challenged and welcomed by another. My home away from home. I don’t barge in and declare myself better, for then I would be laughed at and mistaken for a lowly boy who has clearly not learned his place. I instead sit by the side and watch. Watch for an opponent who is willing to play me. One who will not decline a challenge. One who will try and win. I instantly see my target, a tall, skinny, bald, black man who is clearly beating his opponent. His opponent has a walmart name tag clearly still on there from work on his blue shirt stating “My name is Joe”. Just by observing the black man’s last few plays, I realize he knows what he’s doing and clearly outplaying his current opponent. The chess game comes to a close within the next few minutes with the inevitable loss of this so called Joe. He doesn’t seem to comprehend that he has lost until after a few seconds later. More than likely he just lost more than a weeks worth of work. Poor Joe. Nonetheless, he has to give up his money and it doesn’t look like he wants to. He gets this glint in his eye and stands up real quickly and starts to run but the black man was faster. The black man presses a button on the side of the table and two huge men step out from the shadows and quickly walk in an intersecting course of the exit and Joe. Just within a few steps of the door Joe has two huge arms on his shoulder preventing him from moving any further. Inevitably, Joe turns around and walks back to the black man and hands him the money. The two burly guards keep their hands on Joe and walk him out of the building. More then likely to return with a black eye and broken nose. I make my move. I walk up to the table and silently sit down on the padded stool. The black man doesn’t seem to notice me for a few seconds then says in a very threatening tone, “I’m done for the night, sorry.” “One quick game. Fifteen grand.” I say in the deepest voice I can muster. He looks up this time, looks me in the eye and goes back to counting his money “Three things boy: One, I said I was done for the night; two, fifteen grand is a mighty sum; and three, You’re a boy. Stealing from young people who don’t know what they’re doing goes against my morals.” “What man who is in the gambling business has morals. And besides, One quick game won’t hurt.” This time he starts to pack up his money then pauses and leaves it out saying “If you want to be beaten so bad, my morals can be bent to allow such things. So boy, white or black?” “White if you please.” I say as I pull out money for my side of the bargain and move my pawn forward. The standard opening. Wordlessly he counters and we begin our silent struggle. I purposely make bad moves and prolong the game so I am not accused of cheating. Last time I won too quickly I was accused of cheating and was kicked out. In the middle of the games the man starts becoming too confident. I quickly move in for the attack and checkmate him in the next three moves. I don’t even say it outloud, I just sit back and look at him closely. He doesn’t talk either, just stares. After staring for a good twenty seconds he puts his hand on the chessboard and swipes all the pieces off. “What kind of sorcery is this boy? Nobody beats me!” “I’m so sorry for the inconvenience but if you please, the money.” “No way I’m giving you money boy. You didn’t earn it fair and square.” This time I was the one to press the button on the side of the table. The same two big guys walk over and questioningly looks at the man. "Don't look at me you buffoons! He cheated!" "why deny it? You lost to a boy. Unfortunately for you, I have no morals holding me back." I taunt as the two big guards put their hands on the black man. At once he submitted and put his side of the deal on the table and just looks at me. “Don’t come here again, or this won’t be the last of it.” “I have no reason to beat you a second time, once is enough.” Now speaking to the guards, “Sorry fellas for the trouble, here.” I flick a fifty dollar chip to each of the body guards and quickly make my own way to the door. On my way out I see a finger being pointed at me and I make a run for it. Luckily nobody stops me as I make it out the door. As soon as I pack all the coins into my bag I face the same way I came it. Taking a deep breath, I see a cop car driving in. I start to walk straight at the car and look as much as a normal teenager as I can which mainly consists of looking as shady as I can. Funny how those two things come hand in hand. The policeman didn’t stop me as I walk right by and I keep walking to my makeshift home three miles away.
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TIL that the Luxor Casino in Las Vegas has a beam that the FAA officaly listed it as a flight way point and that it can be seen from Los Angeles

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Lucky Dragon casino was supposed to be a Vegas hot spot for Asians. Two years later, it's going up for auction - Los Angeles Times

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Los Angeles, California – A sex offender exposes himself to restaurant staff at Lake Charles casino

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What's a good Indian casino here in Los Angeles ?

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NBA Owners' net worth (Dan Gilbert's net worth rose from $7.5 billion to $45.3 billion this year)

...After his company went public. I had to include that in the title. Maybe now he won't be such a cheap bastard with his GMs. I had no idea Gilbert was now the second richest owner in the league.
Which made me wonder what other owners are worth (the title of this post was almost "why is Tilman Fertitta such a cheap bastard while Joe Lacob spends money like he thinks the shit's gonna rot?").
Which brings us to this handy Forbes list from March:
1. Steve Ballmer (Los Angeles Clippers): $51.4 billion
Ballmer scored a huge win this week for his dream of building a new arena. He bought the Forum for $400 million from the Madison Square Garden Company, which tried to block a new Clippers arena near the Forum in Inglewood, California.
2. Philip Anschutz (Los Angeles Lakers): $11.2 billion
Anschutz owns one-third of the Lakers, plus the arena in which they play, the Staples Center, in addition to the NHL’s Kings. \For those wondering, it's hard to find a reliable source on Jeanie's net worth but according to unreliable sources it's in the ballpark of $500 million*
3. Stanley Kroenke (Denver Nuggets): $10 billion
The real estate and sports mogul owns teams in the NBA, the NHL, the NFL, MLS and the Premier League.
4. Joseph Tsai (Brooklyn Nets): $9.9 billion
The cofounder of Alibaba Group completed his purchase of the Nets last year for $2.3 billion and bought the Barclays Center for an additional $1 billion.
5. Robert Pera (Memphis Grizzlies): $7.1 billion
Pera owns nearly three-quarters of wireless equipment maker Ubiquiti Networks. He was the lead investor in the Grizzlies purchase in 2012.
6. Daniel Gilbert (Cleveland Cavaliers): $6.2 billion
Gilbert made his first fortune from Quicken Loans, the largest online mortgage lender, which he cofounded in 1985 at 22 years old.*List is from March, before the IPO
7. Tom Gores (Detroit Pistons): $5.7 billion
Gores and his brother Alec are both private equity billionaires. The Pistons opened a new $90 million headquarters and training facility in September.
8. Micky Arison (Miami Heat): $5.3 billion
Arison’s net worth plummeted 33% over the past six weeks with the collapse in the stock price of Carnival Corp. The world’s largest cruise ship operator was founded by Arison’s father in 1972.
9. Tilman Fertitta (Houston Rockets): $4.4 billion
Fertitta furloughed roughly 40,000 employees at his casino and restaurant empire to curb the economic impact caused by coronavirus-induced shutdowns. His fortune is derived from his ownership of the Golden Nugget Casinos and Landry’s, a Texas-based restaurant and entertainment company.
10. Mark Cuban (Dallas Mavericks): $4.3 billion
Cuban was one of the first sports team owners to commit to paying hourly arena workers for games missed during the coronavirus crisis. He’s invested more than $20 million as a “shark” on ABC’s popular Shark Tank show.
11. Joshua Harris (Philadelphia 76ers): $3.7 billion
Harris cofounded private equity powerhouse Apollo Global Management in 1990 with fellow billionaires Leon Black and Marc Rowan. He remains a managing director there.
12. Gayle Benson (New Orleans Pelicans): $3.2 billion
Benson inherited the Pelicans and the NFL’s Saints when her husband, Tom, died in 2018.
13. Glen Taylor (Minnesota Timberwolves): $2.8 billion
His printing firm, Taylor Corp., generates more than $2 billion in revenue annually. Taylor also owns stakes in Minnesota’s MLS and WNBA teams.
14. Herb Simon (Indiana Pacers): $2.6 billion
The real estate mogul bought the Pacers with his since-deceased brother, Melvin, in 1983, for $10.5 million. Simon Property Group is one of the world’s largest real estate investment trusts, with 206 properties in the U.S.
15. Antony Ressler (Atlanta Hawks): $2.4 billion
Ressler cofounded private equity firm Ares Management in 1997. He owns a small piece of the Milwaukee Brewers, in addition to his controlling stake in the Hawks.
16. Michael Jordan (Charlotte Hornets): $2.1 billion
The NBA’s GOAT sold a minority stake in the Hornets in September in a deal that valued the team at $1.5 billion. Nike pays Jordan more than $100 million annuallybased on growing sales for the company’s Jordan Brand.
17. Marc Lasry (Milwaukee Bucks): $1.8 billion
Lasry, a hedge fund titan, joined Wes Edens to buy the Bucks in 2014 for $550 million. He was born in Morocco and moved to the U.S. at age 7 with his family.
18. Gail Miller (Utah Jazz): $1.7 billion
Miller transferred ownership of the Jazz in 2017 to a family legacy trust to deter her heirs from selling or moving the team. Gail and her since-deceased husband, Larry, bought the team for $22 million in 1986.
19. Jerry Reinsdorf (Chicago Bulls): $1.5 billion
Reinsdorf led a group of investors who bought a controlling stake in the Bulls for $9.2 million in 1985. Good timing. It was one year after the team drafted Michael Jordan, who led the Bulls to six NBA titles. The team is now worth $3.2 billion.
20. Theodore Leonsis (Washington Wizards): $1.4 billion
Leonsis initially built his fortune as a senior executive at AOL, before investing in sports teams like the Wizards and the NHL’s Capitals.
*Not included on the list but googled for your edification:
DeVos Family (Magic): $5.4 billion
James Dolan (Knicks): $2 billion
Joe Lacob (Warriors): $1.2 billion
Vivek Randive (Kings): $700 million
Robert Sarver (Suns): $400 million
Jody Allen (Trail Blazers): The sister of Microsoft cofounder, Paul G. Allen, took control of the team after his death. At the time her brother was worth $20 billion though he intended to give most of his fortune away...
Boston Basketball Partners LLC (Celtics): An American local private investment group formed to purchase the Boston Celtics
Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (Raptors): The Raptors are a subsidiary of MLSE
The Professional Basketball Club, LLC (Thunder): A group of OKC businessmen "who represent a wide variety of local and national business interests" owns the Thunder
Spurs Sports & Entertainment LLC (Spurs): An American sports & entertainment organization, based in San Antonio, Texas owns the San Antonio Spurs
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When the league inevitably expands to 32 teams, here are the ten cities that I think should be considered for the two expansion franchises.


It goes without saying, but one franchise should definitely end up in Seattle, as the Supersonics of course. It's been quite a letdown for the city that PBC moved the team to OKC after their acquisition of the team. The city is now updating the Climate Pledge Arena, formally known as the KeyArena, (one of the reasons for the team's relocation) with the arrival of the NHL team, the Seattle Kraken. The Sonic fans have been clear and vocal since the move that they could still support an NBA franchise without a doubt.  


The state of Missouri surprisingly does not house an NBA franchise and hasn't since the departure of the Kansas City Kings in 1985. The city seems to support their professional sports franchises and has an arena downtown that could be suitable for the potential NBA team (with some renovating I'd presume - it seems nice but I am not familiar enough with the facility). It seems the market is significant enough to support an NBA franchise so it should be an option.  


The city has an MLB and NFL franchise, so it is not inconceivable that they could support an NBA franchise (being that they did up until 1972 with the Cincinnati Royals, before they moved to Kansas City). I'm not sure who the NBA fans in Cincinnati support, but I'm guessing the Cavs aren't popular enough to have strong support across the entire state of Ohio. Kentucky, just south of the city across the Ohio River, has a significant passion for basketball, so that could fortify the market/support for the potential team. A lot has changed since the early seventies but it is still a question whether or not they could fund a new arena in the city or they can just renovate the arena downtown (Heritage Bank Center).  


Las Vegas is clearly a viable option for an additional professional franchise after the city has proven it can support the Golden Knights and, seemingly, the Raiders (who already have a broad fanbase). They have a viable arena to play in and can gain support with tie-ins with the casinos to help occupy the arena with visitors as they develop a local fan base. The NBA already has a presence there with summer league as well so I can see it happening.  


I guess we will get a general idea of how much the city can support an NBA team with the Raptors playing in the city for the upcoming season (obviously without attendance given the circumstances). The Rays have their issues with attendance and the Bucs are perennial losers sans a few years in the late nineties-early 2000s (I've actually been a big Bucs fan since 1997, as I grew up in Los Angeles with out an NFL team at the time), so it is up for debate if they can support an NBA team, especially with Orlando being so close by. It is a significant market and the Lightning seems to garner a lot of support and have a nice arena downtown they could share with the potential NBA franchise (something they'll be doing this year), so it seems feasible.  


This poor city, a city I love and plan on moving to one day, has lost two professional franchises to Los Angeles (and the Rockets to Houston). Both the Chargers and Clippers should still be in SD in my opinion, given their putrid reception in Los Angeles and the significance of the city of San Diego. The Clippers are still not accepted in Los Angeles after all these years and are only there because dumbass Donald Sterling forced the relocation in the 80s. The city has struggled to fund stadiums in the past but it would be great to see an arena downtown, a la Petco Park. Worst case, they renovate the Pechanga Arena (formerly known as the San Diego Sports Arena) but realistically I'm not sure the city wants an NBA franchise, I have no clue.  


No reason to think they couldn't support an NBA franchise again. Basketball has grown tremendously in Canada since the days of the Vancouver Grizzlies and the country has produced several high-level players in recent years. The Raptors are the lone team north of the border, so no reason to think a second team isn't viable. Vancouver has Rogers Arena ready to go so there wouldn't be an issue with an arena for the potential team.  


Look, Pittsburgh could barely support the Pipers back in the ABA days (albeit a long time ago), so I'm not sure how popular basketball is in the city. It is not a huge market but the city shows strong support for the Steelers and Penguins (and I'm sure the Pirates to some extent even with their decades-long struggles). I think Pittsburgh is a beautiful, underrated city, with PNC Park being my favorite MLB ballpark. The potential team could share the arena with the Penguins so there wouldn't be an issue having to fund a new arena. Also, I know the city loves the black/yellow color scheme for their franchises so that is one less thing to worry about.  


As mentioned above with Kansas City, it is surprising the entire state of Missouri doesn't have at least one NBA team. St. Louis had the Hawks for 13 years, before they moved to Atlanta, and housed the fabled Spirits of St. Louis of the ABA, so no reason to think the city couldn't support an NBA franchise again. I highly doubt both cities mentioned would get both expansion franchises, so I'm not sure which city is the more viable option. The team could share the Enterprise Center with their NHL team, the Blues, so there wouldn't be an issue funding an arena.  


I know it is very close to DC, but if DC and Baltimore can both support an NFL and MLB team, why can't Baltimore support an NBA franchise again, being they had an NBA franchise (that moved to DC, coincidently) in the past. I know the city has had its struggles for some time, but it seems like a possible landing spot to consider. I am not familiar with the condition of the Royal Farms Arena, but the team would ostensibly have a suitable arena to play in.  
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Dec/29/2020 news: \\ political party law reformed: idea > individual; transparency; female % \\ Pashinyan responds to "not being enough pro-Russian" \\ who owns which business? \\ protests & snap elect. \\ burglary case & HHK MP \\ humanitarian aid for Artsakh \\ Vitalik flexes muscles \\ bills pass

Your 14-minute Tuesday report in 3589 words.

Pashinyan about pre-war negotiations and "avoiding" the war:

The idea that a flexible foreign policy could have avoided this war is being constantly circulated. Those [former officials] who believe in this thesis must answer at least one question: as a result of their "flexible" policy, why was it not possible to avoid the war of 2016, which was preceded by the unprecedented escalation of 2015 and 2014?
The "flexible" policy adopted by Armenia for many years led to the introduction of Russian proposals in January 2016, which proposed the return of 7 territories (5 + 2) without any legal status for Nagorno-Karabakh.
Why did Russia make such an offer? For one simple reason, as a result of Armenia's "flexible" policy, the Madrid process had come to a standstill because Artsakh could receive a Status outside Azerbaijan only with the consent of Azerbaijan.
It was obvious to Russia and everyone else that Azerbaijan would not agree to this, so it was necessary to find ways to break the deadlock.
And, by the way, if certain people claim that Armenia's foreign policy after 2018 was not sufficiently pro-Russian and this was the reason for the war, then why in the conditions of the "sufficiently pro-Russian" policy of 2016 were Russian proposals born and why did the April war take place?
There was only one way to prevent this war: return the regions and forget about Artsakh's legal status. Now, after the war is over and we know the outcome, the number of supporters of [giveaway of 7 regions] is growing. What they forget is that if we gave away the lands to avoid the war, we would have the same situation in Syunik borders. They used to accuse us of "selling lands" [he means the contradictory statements like Nikol sold the lands, and why didn't Nikol sell the lands earlier to avoid the war].
The biggest failure by the supporters of the "flexible policies" is that they spent years trying to avoid a war instead of preparing for it. Our biggest failure is that we weren't able to recover enough embezzled public property in the past 2.5 years to help us better prepare for the war.

businesses owned by opposition leaders

What are the known businesses owned by some of the famous people you might have seen in the public square lately?

Vazgen Manukyan

20% share in Lorva Amrots Ltd which plans to operate two hydro-power plants on Dzoraget river. Manukyan purchased the shares in 2011 after being appointed by Serj as the head of the Public Council.
In 2015-2016, he owned 30% shares in Vanavka Group. In 2015-2017 he had 30% shares in Jermakunq Group. These companies extracted and bottled water. At the time, the director of these companies was charged with illegal bottling and causing ֏55 million in damages to the state. The corruption case was sent to the IRS, which terminated the investigation after "not finding a crime". The companies export the products mostly to Russia.

Arthur Vanetsyan

Vanetsyan is a poor boy, according to the public declarations database. But if you have time, take a look at the investigative report I covered in Ap29/2020 news, according to which Vanetsyan's family allegedly used offshore firms and owns mining shares. More on that here. Here is a Hetq investigative report.
Vanetsyan's father owns AV Group flower importing business. About a year ago, the police investigated several flower sellers near a stadium. An opposition outlet claimed that the sellers were "beaten and forced" to testify that Vanetsyan's father was running an underground business. This was never properly proven and the opposition's claim that Vanetsyan was about to be charged did not happen. The police confirmed that there was an investigation against several flower sellers. These flower sellers ended up hiring Vanetsyan's co-party-creator Arsen Babayan as a lawyer.
Vanetsyan's father owns 50% shares of A B Export oil import company that began operating in 2017. It was a minor player that quit the market in 2019. Vanetsyan's father also owns 60% of A B Trans transportation company.
In Nov/2019, CivilNet wrote about Arthur Vanetsyan's cousins' possible involvement with Zangezur Copper factory (massive business). The same offshore firm in Cyprus, which purchased Zangezur shares, was tied to Vanetsyan's cousins' another business in the same offshore.
Vanetsyan's cousins also own a Switzerland-based Exoil wholesale cooking oil and shipping company. In 2019 it had a revenue of $148 million (11 billion Rubles). The cousins don't do this business in Armenia.
Per 2019 registration, Arthur Vanetsyan himself owns one apartment, $10,000, and ֏1 million.
Media reported in May/2020 that Vanetsyan's cousin purchased a ֏300 million mansion in Yerevan, which was donated to then-new political party "Hayreniq", co-founded by Arthur Vanetsyan and Arsen Babayan (the guy who is accused of helping HHK to fabricate documents in 2018 to hijack the Constitutional Court by appointing HHK MP Hrayr Tovmasyan as a judge).
Arthur Vanetsyan's mother served as the chief of the personnel-management department in Serj and Pashinyan administrations, before quitting and working as Serj's aide.
Vanetsyan's wife owns Villa Montessori preschool in Yerevan. She also runs the Young Education Center Ltd.

ARF Ishkhan Saghatelyan

Pashinyan appointed Saghatelyan as Gegharquniq governor for a brief period after the 2018 revolution, when Pashinyan created a unity-government, represented by all political parties. The honeymoon soon ended and each party went their way.
Saghatelyan owns shares in i-mega Service Ltd. It's a tourism agency founded in 2006. It operates in Armenia, Artsakh, and Georgia.
Saghatelyan founded Navasar company and serves as director. It's owned by his father.
Saghatelyan family owns the Tsovasar hotel complex on Lake Sevan shores. It's 10,000 m2 (a hectare?).
As of 2018, Saghatelyan declared ownership of 8 pieces of land, 2 apartments, ֏18.5 million, $45,000, and €15,000.
Saghatelyan's father is the mayor of Gegharquniq's Geghamavan settlement. This municipality had recently sent a letter demanding Pashinyan's resignation.
Saghatelyan used to be a shareholder of Shiman Ltd which is no longer active.

BHK leader Gagik "dodi gago" Tsarukyan

BUCKLE UP, KIDS! Overall, Tsarukyan runs 54 companies. Студент, комсомолец, спортсмен, u наконец, он просто красавиц.
His business empire was covered in details here. Textile, gas stations, malls, Multi Group empire, Shangri-La Casino, Ararat Cognac & Wine Factory, BMW official office Euromotors (also Hyundai, Gazel, Niva), Multi Motors, Magas Invest, Multi Wellness, Olimpavan sports complex, Kotayk beer factory, TechnAlyumin door & window factory, Multi Rest House hotel chain, Paravon luxury restaurant, Onira Club, Zvartnot's airport's upper-level service company Avia Service, Farm Adama, Multi Pharm pharmacy, Multi Leon gas stations, Multi Solar solar panels.
He owns shares in Frank Mueller Yerevan watch company, Fortsa, Multi Gold, Multi Diamond jewelry firms, several fish-breeding businesses.
He also runs businesses in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Czechia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Latvia.
Per official declaration, he owns $168 million, €29 million, ֏675 million, 14 pieces of land, 6 houses, 2 public buildings, 1 apartment.
Details for BHK MP Mikael Melkumyan and HHK Vahram Baghdasaryan in the link below.

opposition continues the demonstrations

The street demonstrations, organized by the former regime and its allies, continue. They demand Pashinyan's resignation and the appointment of their candidate Vazgen Manukyan as the Prime Minister for the duration of a year, after which they agree to hold new elections.
ARF leader Artsvik Minasyan said they don't plan to discuss snap elections with Pashinyan. "Right now, our only demand is Pashinyan's resignation. We demand SIS to immediately hold every criminal accountable". The demonstrators gathered in front of the SIS building to present the demands.

Pashinyan meets leaders of several opposition parties

QP leader Lilith: there is a possibility there will be a meeting between Pashinyan and the three Parliamentary political parties. They could discuss snap elections. The impression is that politicians who demand Pashinyan's resignation do not want snap elections in an attempt to bypass the citizen's right to form a government. Our political team reaffirms the position that none of us is clinging on seats. //
LHK MP Gorgisyan: we cannot hold snap elections now, under this chaotic situation. We will discuss snap elections if Pashinyan discusses his resignation and transfer of power. (LHK wants its leader Marukyan to be elected as Prime Minister by a Parliamentary vote) //
Pashinyan met BHK leader Tsarukyan. The latter is against holding snap elections unless Pashinyan resigns now, and presumably, he wants Vazgen Manukyan appointed as PM.
LHK leader Marukyan also wants Pashinyan to resign now so a new Prime Minister can form a new government cabinet "consisted of experts".
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1039261.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1039268.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1039299.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1039322.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1039323.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1039327.html

felony case: ex-HHK MP charged with armed attack on ex-IRS official

In August of this year, Russia extradited a former HHK MP Alraghatsi Lyovik to Armenia. He was wanted for allegedly burglarizing and shooting at a senior IRS official a decade ago. At the time, his case was "frozen". It was relaunched in 2018. (magic wand)
NSS says: suspect Lyovik, with the help of citizens AK and AN, organized an armed burglary against IRS Chief (?) Avetisyan in 2008.
AK was in the United States. In 2004, he stole $150,000 from jewelry shops in Los Angeles. He got caught but managed to flee to Armenia.
Once in Armenia, AK colluded with policeman AN to organize a similar criminal ring in Armenia.
[MP] Lyovik personally knew AK, and learned about their burglaries. Since Lyovik had bad relations with the IRS chief (victim), he decided to punish the victim by urging AK to burglarize his house. Lyovik revealed the plot to his brother-in-law, who happened to be the victim's personal aide. The latter gave all the personal habits and details about the victim to the burglars.
[read the article for the full story, or wait for a Hollywood movie in theaters near you]
The burglars and organizers are charged with felonies.
https://www.armtimes.com/hy/article/203835 , https://youtu.be/brdozVbwQ6A , https://factor.am/274836.html , https://armtimes.com/hy/article/183522 , https://www.armtimes.com/hy/article/203835 ,

Russian Orthodox chapel will be built

... in the Armenian settlement near Nakhijevan where Azerbaijan had earlier shut down a Russian helicopter, which killed and wounded Russian pilots. It'll be on a hill in Yeraskh. Construction starts on January 6th.

Russian peacekeepers conducted training

... to stay in shape. A report by WarGonzo's Semyon Pegovn who returned to Artsakh to meet the New Year there.

Russia and Turkey comment

Russian MFA: The situation in Nagorno-Karabakh should not be used for the infiltration of foreign mercenaries into the region. Here we have exactly the same position as our Turkish partners.
Turkish MFA: we see that a ceasefire has been established. We hope to establish the joint RU-TR monitoring center soon.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1039281.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1039282.html

Vitalik Balasanyan will return the lands, kicks junkies, and restrict Facebook

Artsakh President Arayik earlier announced that he will allow his opponents to take jobs in the new coalition government. Kocharyan-ally Vitali Balasanyan became the Security Council chief.
Vitalik: we will return Hadrut and Askeran region with the help of Russian and Armenian military-political efforts. We are in a better situation now to solve territorial issues.
We will soon create border guard forces. It will report to MoD, which will report to the Security Council (his office).
Drugs have no place in Artsakh. Drug users must quit or leave Artsakh now.
We need to return to traditional values of giving women as wives after asking if the man had served in the army.
No public official will be allowed to use Facebook during work.
More: https://youtu.be/DceHyi4AB5g

search operations are paused / the "welcome to Azerbaijan" sign

Azerbaijan received criticism for refusing to allow search teams to enter the Hadrut region yesterday. They also prevented UNESCO from checking the status of several Armenian cultural sights, after complaining that UNESCO was "biased" against Azerbaijan during the war.
HR Ombudsman: Any untrue information can not be a reason to disrupt the humanitarian process [referring to unconfirmed rumors on social media that Armenians opened fire at Azeris in Hadrut. An unofficial Iranian social media channel claims 3 Azeris were killed but due to an internal fight.]
The Human Rights Ombudsman also criticized the Azeri troops for installing a provocative "welcome to Azerbaijan" sign on part of a road that went under Azeri control near Syunik borders. The Ombudsman says it's meant to intimidate the locals.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1039233.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1039237.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1039244.html , https://factor.am/325511.html

Parliament votes: BHK MP Naira Zohrabyan's chairmanship

Context: BHK MP Naira Zohrabyan referred to the majority of Armenian voters as human trash *(or as she says: impure), and called for the establishment of forced re-education camps so people won't vote for a "wrong party" again. The ruling QP party launched a process to terminate her chairmanship in Parliamentary Human Rights Committee. Read yesterday's thread for more details.*
QP MP Arthur: the law states that the Parliament can appoint and terminate the chairman. The termination of this seat does not require the same procedures as in the case of MPs and Judges. Armenian Constitution states that in Armenia, human beings are of the highest value, and inalienable human dignity is the inseparable basis of their rights and freedoms. MP Zohrabyan's public conduct is against it. //
The law gives the second-largest political party the mandate to appoint the chairman of this particular Committee. BHK, being the second-largest party, said they wouldn't appoint a replacement if Zohrabyan is voted out.
QP MP Arthur: per rules, if BHK refuses to appoint a new candidate, the largest (QP) party will receive the mandate. //
Parliament voted 78-4 to terminate Zohrabyan's chairmanship. BHK and LHK did not vote.
BHK MP Zohrabyan: this termination was a Constitutional crime.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1039245.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1039264.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1039304.html , https://factor.am/325132.html

Parliament votes: registering parties becomes easier / ideology instead of person / financial transparency

The goal of this reform is to have political parties that are more about ideology and less about an individual. The reform will boost internal democracy within parties; it will expand the powers of the Party Assembly.
Parties will be required to add more anonymous voting mechanisms.
The law also requires more financial transparency.
The required membership to register a party is lowered from 800 to 300.
Some of the public funding given to political parties will depend on the % of female members in the administrative boards.
Parliament voted 99-1 to approve it.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1039270.html , https://youtu.be/bPuZViCCCxo

Parliament votes: monthly fees towards soldiers' recovery are raised

Most workers pay a monthly 1000 Dram towards the Soldiers' Fund, which takes care of wounded soldiers and families of those who died. The govt found it necessary to raise the fee to cover thousands of new recipients. Here are the new fees and salary brackets:
֏1,500 for < ֏100k/month
֏3,000 for < ֏200k
֏5,500 for < ֏500k
֏8,500 for < ֏1 million
֏15,000 for > ֏1 million
Parliament voted 89-0 to approve it.

Parliament votes: ban on public smoking is delayed until 2022

The govt had adopted a law to ban smoking in public cafes and the public display of cigarettes in grocery shops. The ruling party wanted to delay parts of the bill that were set to go into effect in January, citing possible financial issues for businesses caused by the pandemic.
QP MP: the cigarette industry pays $383 million to state coffers.
Healthcare Ministry: it will be a mistake if you delay this bill for the sake of $10 million in tax revenues.
Parliament voted 86-0 to delay the anti-smoking bill until 2022.

Parliament votes: no tax on goods donated to Armenia

QP MP: When you donate a charitable product to the Republic of Armenia, you are exempt from customs duties and other tax payments, except for one payment, which we are trying to exempt with this bill as well. //
Parliament voted 80-0 to approve it.

how is the Judicial Branch doing?

The Supreme Court protects or punishes judges. It also handles complaints. It's separate from the Constitutional Court.
bad boys
19 complaints against judges were heard, 14 of which were petitioned by Justice Ministry and 4 by Judicial Ethics Board. 10 judges ended up receiving disciplinary penalties, 3 received a warning, 3 were reprimanded, 2 were terminated, 4 were cleared.
the system is overloaded
61 judges are handling 6470 felony cases.
86 judges handle 175,940 civil cases.
24 judges handle 17,390 administrative cases.
The number of Arbitration cases rose from 3100 to 9900.
This year, Supremes appointed 20 new judges. Supreme's budget remained the same this year. They returned ֏607 million in savings back to state coffers.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1039249.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1039284.html

anti-corruption: SIS busts an IRS agent

SIS says: IRS border inspector took a bribe from a citizen to help him avoid paying Millions of ֏ in import taxes by splitting a large load into smaller pieces, so each piece would fall below the taxable threshold.

IRS wants you to file less paperwork

IRS says the latest reforms will help the exporters and simplify the process in which Armenia is used as a transit country for trade. Some tasks can be done online.
More: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1039247.html

update: electricity prices

...won't go up for low-income families or those using less than 400 kWh. That's 90% of consumers. The rest will pay 3 Drams more. The rates are presented (6-10¢):

police to guard Lake Sevan against poachers

Police and Nature Ministry have set up additional checkpoints as part of measures against whitefish poaching in Sevan. 24/7 monitoring on all alleys leading to the lake. They will also travel across markets to catch contraband whitefish.
Why? It's the egg-laying season. Fishing is banned for now. The legally-allowed fishing tools were temporarily removed from the lake.

rare Caucasus Leopard is spotted by cameras again


"only 10% of villagers should do agriculture"

...the rest should have access to other jobs. There is an opportunity now because many businesses operate remotely. Call Center workers don't have to visit an office. Businesses would rather pay less to hire a rural remote worker than more to hire someone in a Yerevan office.
The High Tech Ministry has an ongoing program to teach IT to 5,000 citizens. We must help workers to expand their skillset. We're working on a program to allow a worker to quit the job, not worry about the food on the table, and have enough time for education and learning new skills.
The villagers should ideally lease their smaller lands to large agricultural producers," said Economy Minister Qerobyan.
Full interview: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1039319.html

State regulators bust another price-fixing ring: fruit mafia

Yesterday, the Economic Competition Committee busted the egg industry's alleged price-fixing and anti-competitive practices. Today they say a similar collision was observed in the orange, mandarin, kiwi, lemon industry.
The companies Best Fruits, Art-Fruits, and Promout were slapped with a ֏39 million in penalties for colluding to raise the prices for the products that had an increased demand during the pandemic period.

Lenovo slapped for "anti-competitive practice"

The Economic Competition Committee heard a petition filed by Oazis Computer company against Lenovo. The latter was issued a warning for anti-competitive behavior.
Public Regulator: "Lenovo" company had the ability to influence the process of importing Lenovo computers to Armenia from non-EAEU trade bloc countries. "Lenovo" took steps to reduce the import of Lenovo computers from non-EAEU states, by discriminating against Oazis Computer importer. Lenovo is given a month to correct the issue and fix the requirement and standards related paperwork.
(Facebook next?)

Artsakh will also increase childbirth benefits

First child: ֏300k instead of ֏100k
Second child: ֏300k instead of ֏200k
(or ֏500k if one parent is disabled)
As for monthly child care subsidy payments, it goes from ֏15k to ֏27k until the child turns 2.

year wrap-up: births in capital Yerevan

girls 2019: 10173
girls 2020: 10489
boys 2019: 11251
boys 2020: 11430

year wrap-up: tax revenues

2018: ֏1.257 trillion
2019: ֏1.458 trillion
2020: ֏1.379 trillion

COVID stats

+2483 tested. +348 infected. +22 deaths. +1267 healed. 13881 active.

chess news

Levon Aronyan has advanced to the Airthings Masters quarter-finals where he will play against Hikaru Nakamura. He is 1pt behind the leaders. The winner receives a $60,000 prize.

French city of Valence to name a street

... after Artsakh capital Stenapakert. It already had Ijevan Park, Armenia Street, and Yerevan Street. Stepanakert Street will be located in a newly built district. There will be Toros Street as well.

Italian city of di Lovere has officially recognized the Artsakh Republic


Kapan Medical Center has a new CT scanner

... thanks to generous diasporan donors like you. The first one was installed during the war in Goris city.

Artsakh children receive New Years' gifts

Focus on Children Now charity organization distributed gifts to hundreds of Artsakh kids residing in Gegharquniq province. Backpacks, clothing, items of basic necessity, money, and postcards written by kids living in the United States.

Himnadram donates to refugee families

700 Artsakh families continue to live in 40 settlements of Gegharquniq province. The All Armenia Fund (HimnaDram.org) has provided food and household items to 241 families ahead of New Year.

daily life in Syunik bordering villages Shurnukh and Vorotan


donations for Artsakh & recovering soldiers

www.1000plus.am (recovering soldiers & their families)
www.HimnaDram.org (for Artsakh & Armenia)
www.ArmeniaFund.org (U.S. tax-deductible)

archive of older posts

Armeniapedia's archive of my daily news threads:


All the accused are considered innocent unless proven guilty in the court of law, even if they "sound" guilty.
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Jan/3/2021 news: __ Top-10 anti corruption charges of 2020 __ POW & search __ Russian aid __ Refugees return __ Protecting the church __ Artsakh's international recognition __ Oil & gas news __ Chess & soccer events __ Guinness World Record __ Importing more Iranian products __ Syunik borders __

Your 7-minute Sunday report in 1743 words.

10 notable anti-corruption cases in 2020

10) SIS concluded the investigation of former president Serj Sargsyan's alleged embezzlement of ֏500 million in agricultural subsidies in 2013. Serj appeared in court as a defendant in February. The case continues.
9) ex-HHK MP and ex-Soccer Federation Chief Ruben Hayrapetyan (oligarch Nemets Rubo) was charged with large-scale embezzlement. In February, he was charged with embezzling $1.5 million-worth lands belonging to the Soccer Federation. (he was earlier implicated in the case about organizing the kidnapping, extortion, and torturing of a man who allegedly stole from his restaurant)
8) ex-Yerevan Mayor and Transport Minister HHK Gagik Beglaryan was charged with embezzling ֏230 million in state property. He was also interrogated as part of a ֏23 billion embezzlement in the North-South highway construction project. His brother is implicated in a ֏85 million embezzlement case.
7) ex-Culture Minister Hasmik Poghosyan (wanted) and ex Israel Ambassador Armen Smbatyan (paid a bail) are charged with using an offshore scheme to embezzle the state property.
6) Serj Sargsyan's brother Alexander was a defendant in the case of the 14 stolen paintings by Martiros Saryan. Pashinyan announced that Alexander's $30 million bank account was frozen. Alexander agreed to return the funds to state coffers. $26 million was recovered. $7.5 million was recovered as part of Martiros Saryan's painting case. Another $19 million was recovered -- or as he says, "donated" -- for the army modernization.
5) Powerful Churchman Archbishop Kchoyan (Bentley guy) was charged as part of an investigation of the forceful appropriation of another businessman's property by using an offshore firm, which was run by several individuals, including the churchman and allegedly the former Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan. More on that here.
4) Felony case was launched over the purchase of $42 million in weapons that turned out to be dysfunctional. Pashinyan mentioned this on several occasions, blaming the former regime for "wasting resources instead of developing the army." More recently, Pashinyan criticized General Movses "Mosi" Hakobyan, saying the waste took place under his administration.
3) Serj Sargsyan's chief bodyguard Vachagan Ghazaryan and his alleged accomplices had their felony tax-evasion charges dropped after compensating ֏3 billion ($6.3 million) to state coffers.
2) Serj's son-in-law Mikael Minasyan (Povar Ishik) was charged by IRS in March after the "revelation of an unprecedented level of corruption in modern Armenian history". Minasyan is accused of illegal enrichment. The investigation continues. Minasyan is residing in Russia, which won't extradite him due to close connections.
Details on Mishik's case here, here, here, here (laptop recovered with 9000 files), here, here, here, here, maybe here, definitely here, here, here,
1) BHK leader Gagik Tsarukyan was charged with organizing an election fraud during 2017 and financial crimes by his casino Shangri La. The investigation began in late 2019 after a construction firm, with ties to Tsarukyan, paid a bribe to a Yerevan official in an unrelated incident. Tsarukyan likely learned about the pending charges against him and launched a major opposition campaign against Pashinyan, to then frame his charges as "political persecution" for being critical to the government.

protecting the church from Satanists

Former HHK MPs Shawarmazanov, Vahram Baghdasaryan, Masis Mayor, and their supporters gathered in front of Ejmiatsin cathedral to show support for the church leader Garegin B. The church was lately criticized for being politically-motivated; it has been accused of acting as the former regime's puppet for several years now.
The former MPs condemned the "attacks" and said, "no Satanists can divide our church because it has been our protector for thousands of years."
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrnfWxGlguQ , https://youtu.be/Uli2kwKHtTs , https://youtu.be/FrnfWxGlguQ , https://youtu.be/Gy7PqICSYU4

Italian city Osio Sopra officially recognizes Artsakh Republic


Iranian & Chinese products to replace Turkish

Armenia will import 2250 types of products from Iran instead of Turkey, amid the 6-month ban on Turkish product imports. "This will be a good opportunity for Iranian producers. In the next step, [Armenia] will supply its required raw materials from Iran," said the chief of the Iranian trade agency.
The govt had earlier met Chinese representatives to discuss the replacement of other Turkish items with Chinese ones.

border "demarcation" process continues in Syunik

The process to install Armenian and Azeri troops continues on the new borders between Armenia and Azerbaijan, in the Syunik province. The border was formerly Syunik (Armenia) - Qashatag (formerly Artsakh).
Syunik's Shurnukh and Vorotan were built on the immediate internationally-recognized border, and some of them were on the Azeri side. As a result, a dozen buildings will go under Azeri control. Shurnukh village mayor complained about losing several houses and Azeris being too close.
Syunik governor said border guards have been installed in areas surrounding Shurnukh. Russian and Armenian guards are placed in certain parts of this 21 km border.


European Court for Human Rights has approved a petition by Armenia to implement emergency measures to require Azerbaijan to share information about the conditions of 23 POWs.
"So far, such petitions were approved for 80 POWs, 18 of whom have already returned home," said Armenia's representative in Court.
Armenia's HR Ombudsman Tatoyan criticized Aliyev for calling Armenian POW soldiers "terrorists" and for keeping them arrested, which delays the swap process.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1039433.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1039480.html

New Years Eve memorial concert in Yerablur Pantheon:


casualties & search operations

1145 bodies have been found on battlefields since the ceasefire; 10 of them on Saturday. Several crews continue the search in Martuni, Martakert, and Jabrayil regions.
3330 bodies have been found since the beginning of the war. Some of them are yet to be identified. 436 were identified by DNA analysis, 871 are pending. The DNA process is slow so the govt decided to buy the second device.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1039447.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1039483.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1039500.html

Azeri civilian wounded from a landmine explosion

... in the Fizuli region that went under Azeri control during the war. Azeri prosecutors launched an investigation. In turns out, some Azeri civilians visit these areas without allowing the sappers to clear the areas from landmines first. So far, 10 Azeris have died or received injuries from such explosions after the ceasefire.

Russian sappers in Artsakh

... have cleared 400 hectares of lands, 151 km of roads, and 617 buildings from 16,000 explosives. Video of URAN vehicle helping sappers to clear land: https://youtu.be/uZOXWsE4Pvw

Russian peacekeepers to live in modular housing

They built the second rapid-deployment modular mini-town in Getavan, after finishing one in Stepanakert earlier. Another one will be built in Berdashen this month. The blocs will house 300 peacekeepers. They will have access to various convenience shops.

Russian humanitarian aid in Artsakh

Russia sent 5,000 m2 glass for window replacement, 70 tons of metal parts, 34000 bedding items, to Martuni and Martakert cities. Earlier they sent 20 mobile electricity generators to help the areas that were cut off from the main electric grid.
Russian doctors have so far treated 1044 Artsakh residents with various complaints. There are medical teams that travel in rural areas to provide care, including mental health services. The doctors received New Year's gifts from the medical administrator Oleg Bagayev.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1039453.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1039463.html

more Artsakh refugees return their homes

220 did so on Friday. So far, 47000 residents crossed the Lachin road while returning to their homes.

GazProm has extended the gas contract with Armenia

... with the same pricing until 1Q21. More negotiations will take place later.

oil, gas, and... crypto mining??

Under the threat of US sanctions, a Norwegian agency will not certify the Russian Nordstream-2 pipeline, which intends to deliver 56 billion (?) cubic meters of gas from Russia to Germany annually. Trump administration has been pushing hard to sell American liquified gas to Europe.
Russia has another new gas pipeline called TurkStream. Its section located in Serbia began operating on Friday. It'll deliver Russian gas to Europe through Turkey. The US said it will impose sanctions in the event TurkStream expands with new pipes in the future.
https://www.azatutyun.am/a/31029599.html , https://www.euractiv.com/section/energy/news/additional-line-to-turkish-stream-would-face-us-sanctions/
Azeri gas pipeline TAP began delivering gas to several cities in Italy. Azeri gas travels through Georgia, Turkey, and Greece. It's co-sponsored by BP.
Russian energy giant Gazpromneft built a cryptocurrency mining facility in one of its Siberian oil drilling sites. They will dig gas, burn it, turn into energy, then use it to mine the coins. Good luck competing with your NVIDIA RTX crap (that is if you have one, pleb).

employee of the month

Italian soccer club Roma's midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan has been declared the best Roman player of December after a voting.

chess news

Levon Aronyan (two-times world cup winner) competed in Airthings Masters finale against Teymur Rajabov (current world cup winner). They played two rounds. Rajabov won the tournament.
Aronyan preserves his FIDE ranking. He is the 6th in the world. The leader is Magnus Carlsen.
https://chess24.com/en/watch/live-tournaments/champions-chess-tour-airthings-masters-2020-prelims/8/1/2 , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1039458.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1039477.html , https://factor.am/325895.html

world's smallest chess playing just for you

Ara Ghazaryan from Los Angeles built the world's smallest chess and made it into the Guinness World Records book. It's 8x8 millimeter.
"Ara Ghazaryan is an Armenian American artist who uses jewelry to express his art and formerly held this record title. The chess board itself is made from 18 k yellow and white gold with Armenian apricot wood and rests on a frame made of platinum, 18 k yellow gold, rubies, and diamonds. The figures measure in height from 1 mm for the pawns to 2.4 mm for the kings."
Photo: https://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/world-records/78603-smallest-handmade-chess-set

COVID stats

+1088 tested. +229 infected. +14 deaths. +451 healed. 12398 active.

COVID hotline

Healthcare Ministry has a new "Coronavirus Hotline" number you can call if you've been diagnozed with COVID and need assistance.

HimnaDram.org entertains hundreds of children

The All Armenia Fund has transported 600 Artsakh children and their parents, residing in various provinces of Armenia, to watch performances in Yerevan's Tumanyan Puppet theater. Santa, Dzyunanush, and the Elves surprised the children with gifts in the end. The Foundation will help thousands of children by the end of January.

daily եռուզեռ in Stepanakert's main market

It's bustling again after a temporary pause during the war:

donations for Artsakh & recovering soldiers

www.1000plus.am (recovering soldiers & their families)
www.HimnaDram.org (for Artsakh & Armenia)
www.ArmeniaFund.org (U.S. tax-deductible)

archive of older posts

Armeniapedia's archive of my daily news threads:


All the accused are considered innocent unless proven guilty in the court of law, even if they "sound" guilty.
Edit: corrected typos in church news.
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I'll cut off my dick for the ability to use a regulated site. (Shit post FYI)

*Its been a few months.. and it's about that time that I make a shit post where I bitch about everything*

To all my fellow US players getting fucked in the ass per usual... WHAT THE FUCK DO I HAVE TO DO TO USE A HONEST POKER SITE!?

It's 2021 and it has been almost a decade since I have been able to use a worthy-poker-site such as Full Tilt, Stars, 888, Party Poker, and so on. I am starting to fall out of love with poker because I can't keep playing on these bullshit sites located in Panama and throughout the Caribbean. Here are a couple of my experiences from the past 8-ish months or so.

- 2 to 4 months ago I received 2 PARTIAL refunds due to bots being at my table, in which one scenario was a final table. Didn't even get a full fucking refund. This also doesn't mention the other partial refunds I received earlier in 2020.
- As you all well know, ACR has had multiple scandals going back to 2012, like the the 2018-2019 PLO/NL cash game bots and several people colluding together to take advantage of the late reg glitch. Nagy can eat a fat dick.
- If you play at America's Cardroom in 2021 you're a fucking retard. (No offence)

- 6 months ago Betonline removed $1000 from my poker balance on my account and said that the money was transferred to my sportsbook balance at 4am PST and all of it was spent in the online casino. When I asked them to investigate they did nothing. So I asked their Fraud/IT Department to send me a list of all devices, MAC addresses, and IP addresses that signed into my account that day... They refused to cooperate... Customer service said it was against company policy to release that type of information, even though its MY OWN fucking account and personal information. ( I took a break from the site but eventually returned because US players have no options and I love MTTs.)
- 2 months ago I deposited $50 of ETH to their sports book to bet on an NFL game. Blockchain.com confirmed that BOL's Etheruem address received my money, and I even sent customer service proof of the transaction THREE TIMES. They still refuse to issue me my $50 deposit to this day, stating "our system says the deposit is still pending".
- 2 days ago I received a $5 refund from a Windfall Sit n Go because the 2 other two players at my table were bots :) :) :) I should just kill myself at this point. WHO THE FUCK HAS BOTS AT THE JACK POT SIT N GO.

- Honestly, I haven't used them in like a year or two because they removed the chat box, make it a pain to utilize HUD software, and that fucking update they did to their software. That huge software update was so fucking horrible the sites damn near unplayable. I'm sure you guys remember the old canvas/layout that Bovada/Iggy use to utilize, it was way better.

Anyways, I just don't know what to do anymore. I NEVER had any of these issues back in the Full Tilt days. I don't even want to play half the time because I'm sick of all the bullshit. I am also in Los Angeles, CA so the lockdown bullshit makes live poker a huge pain in the ass. Some casinos are open, some are closed, some are outside, some make you wear mask and sit in between plastic dividers, some allow you to order drinks but not food. It's all fucking stupid. I really want to use my VPN but I don't want to build up a bankroll on a legit site like PartyPoker and then have my funds frozen. Maybe I should just hang myself instead. (joking, just being a dramatic pussy)

On a serious note, thank you for listening to me bitch and moan about my first world problems. I hope ya'll are happy, healthy and staying covid-free. Cheers to 2021, MAY THE POKER GODS BE IN YOUR FAVOR!
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[FIGHT THREAD] Jermell Charlo vs Jeison Rosario, Jermall Charlo vs Sergiy Derevyanchenko, Luis Nery vs Aaron Alameda, Brandon Figueroa vs Damien Vazquez, Danny Roman vs Juan Carlos Payano, John Riel Casimero vs Duke Micah + live round-by-round coverage

Date: Saturday, September 26, 2020
Time: 4:00 PM PT, 7:00 PM ET, 12:00 AM BT
Location: Mohegan Sun Casino, Uncasville, Connecticut
Television: Showtime PPV (US)
Stream: Showtime (US) Fite TV (Non-US)

Jermell Charlo vs Jeison Rosario

12 rounds

WBC world super welterweight title

IBF world super welterweight title

WBA super world super welterweight title

Charlo vs Rosario
33-1 (17 KOs) vs 20-1-1 (14 KOs)
30 age 25
153.8 lbs weight 153.4
5'11" height 5'11"
73" reach 70"
orthodox stance orthodox
Houston, TX 🇺🇸 hometown Santo Domingo, DR 🇩🇴
4-1 (3 KOs) last 5 5-0 (3 KOs)
-500 moneyline +350

Luis Nery vs Aaron Alameda

12 rounds

vacant WBC world super bantamweight title

Nery vs Alameda
30-0 (24 KOs) record 25-0 (13 KOs)
25 age 27
121.4 lbs weight 121.6 lbs
5'6" height 5'6"
66 1/2" reach 67"
southpaw stance southpaw
Tijuana, MX 🇲🇽 hometown Nogales, MX 🇲🇽
5-0 (5 KOs) last 5 5-0 (3 KOs)
-2500 moneyline +1000

Danny Roman vs Juan Carlos Payano

12 rounds

eliminator for WBC super bantamweight

Roman vs Payano
27-3-1 (10 KOs) record 21-3 (9 KOs)
30 age 36
121.2 lbs weight 121.6 lbs
5'5" height 5'5"
68" reach 64 1/2"
orthodox stance southpaw
Los Angeles, CA 🇺🇸 hometown La Vega, DR 🇩🇴
4-1 (1 KO) 3-2 (0 KOs)
-2000 moneyline +900

Jermall Charlo vs Sergiy Derevyanchenko

12 rounds

WBC world middleweight title

Charlo vs Derevyanchenko
30-0 (22 KOs) record 13-2 (10 KOs)
30 age 34
159.8 lbs weight 159.4 lbs
6'0" height 5'9"
73 1/2" reach 67 1/2
orthodox stance orthodox
Houston, TX 🇺🇸 hometown Brooklyn, NY 🇺🇦
5-0 (2 KOs) last 5 3-2 (2 KOs)
-225 moneyline +175

Brandon Figueroa vs Damien Vazquez

12 rounds

WBA world super bantamweight title

Figueroa vs Vazquez
20-0-1 (15 KOs) record 15-1-1 (8 KOs)
23 age 23
122 lbs weight 121.4 lbs
5'9" height 5'5"
72" reach
orthodox stance southpaw
Weslaco, TX 🇺🇸 hometown Thornton, CO 🇺🇸
4-0-1 (4 KOs) last 5 3-1-1 (2 KOs)
-5000 moneyline +1400

John Riel Casimero vs Duke Micah

12 rounds

WBO world bantamweight title

Casimero vs Micah
29-4 (20 KOs) record 24-0 (19 KOs)
31 age 29
117.8 lbs weight 117.2 lbs
5'4" height 5'7"
64" reach
orthodox stance
Ormoc City, PHI 🇵🇭 hometown Accra, GHA 🇬🇭
5-0 (5 KOs) last 5 5-0 (2 KOs)
-1200 moneyline +700

Live round-by-round coverage

Jermell Charlo vs Jeison Rosario

Round 1

Charlo starts with a body jab. Rosario looks to be the bigger of the two. Very wide back. Charlo hard right to the body. Rosario measuring with his jab. Rosario down from a left hook to the temple. Charlo missed a big looping right and Rosario tried to coutner big and he ate a shot. Rosario not bothered, he's back putting pressure on Charlo. Hard body shot from Rosario. Charlo looks a little wild with his power shots. He's definitely looking to make a statement. Charlo with a quick pair of hooks.

Charlo 10-8

Round 2

Rosario lands a good jab. Both guys trade jabs. Heavy leather from both of these guys even with the jabs. Charlo lands a hard jab. Good left to the body, left upstairs for Charlo. Rosario nice pair of body shots. Charlo with a pair of nice hooks upstairs. Rosario nice right hand. Charlo looks like he is feeling that one. Uppercut from Rosario. Rosario ramping up the pace.

Rosario 10-9, 19-18 Charlo

Round 3

Charlo jab to the body. Rosario jabs. Charlo slowing his workrate. Charlo tying up Rosario when he gets on the inside, not letting him work. Charlo scores with his jab. Rosario stalking, Charlo pops him with the jab. Rosario with a right and Charlo ties up. Charlo showing off some head movement. Rosario blocking very well.

Rosario 10-9, 28-28

Round 4

Charlo pumping the jab. Both guys miss big right hands. Rosario with a pair of body shots. Charlo doing a lot of waiting and not letting his hands go. Rosario's right blocked. Charlo jab but he eats one. Rosario short little right. Charlo with a looping left hook. Rosario trying to cut the ring off on Charlo. Big left from Charlo and Rosario lands a right. Jab from Charlo. Very close round. Charlo effective with his jab and defending from Rosario. Rosario pressured but wasn't able to land much that stood out.

Charlo 10-9 (swing), 38-37 Charlo

Round 5

Rosario nice jab and right sneaks in. Charlo left to the body. Charlo boxing off the back foot. He lands a very clean left hook. Jab scores for Rosario. 1-2 from Charlo. Rosario has to jump back. Rosario pops him with the jab. Another left hook counter from Charlo. Charlo eats a jab. Charlo starting to fall into a rhythm with his counter punching. Another close round.

Charlo 10-9 (swing), 48-46 Charlo

Round 6

Good counter left from Charlo. Rosario came out aggressive and Charlo turned and countered. Charlo double jab. Rosario good jab. Rosario with yet another low blow. Hard jab from Charlo. Jab from Rosario connects. Charlo circling the ring. Hard right from Charlo, Rosario may have hurt Charlo as Charlo held. Good body work from Rosario. Charlo straighrt right. These guys throwing big shots and missing. Big left from Charlo and down goes Rosario to a knee. Rosario looks hurt. He'll be saved by the bell. Bad timing as Rosario was having a great round.

Charlo 10-8, 58-54 Charlo

Round 7

Rosario comes out and continues to put the pressure. Rosario with a high guard. Charlo staying disciplined comes out and works his jab. They trade jabs. Rosario high guard walking forward. Again they trade jabs. Charlo looping right. Charlo jabs then goes to the body. Charlo jabs.

Charlo 10-9, 68-63 Charlo

Round 8

A jab to the chin and body and down goes Rosario. He's down and he can't make the count. Jermell Charlo with a brutal body shot knockout!

Official Ruling: Jermell Charlo by KO8

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CASINO HEIST: 60out Escape Rooms Los Angeles - YouTube LA Casino Hoping!! Los Angeles Poker Vlog. Gardens Casino ... Casino Party Rentals Los Angeles, CA Hollywood Park Casino (LA RAMS New 100million Dollar Building) Quick Fire $7.50 Max Bet Bonus Morongo Casino Los Angeles ... Alan Mendelson & Commerce Casino Los Angeles - Part 1 ...

Best Casinos in Los Angeles, CA - The Gardens Casino (2.9/5), Casinos In Motion (5/5), Larry Flynt's Lucky Lady Casino (2.8/5), Looffs Lite-A-Line (4.3/5), D & E Casino Services (4.5/5), Dealer Dolls (5/5), Vegas Style Gaming-Casino Parties (5/5), Casinos (No ratings), The Bicycle Hotel & Casino (3.4/5), Leonardo's Casino (1.9/5) We will Casino California Los Angeles cover the game variety of the website in this Mega Slot casino overview. The biggest gambling product featured on this platform is slot machines. You can play hundreds of different slots on the platform, and they include Book of Aztec, Wolf Gold, Starburst, and Book of Fortune. The casino section also Casino California Los Angeles features many high-value ... עמותת הדיסלקטים למימוש כישרונותיהם פורום - פרופיל משתמש > פרופיל עמוד. משתמש: Which casino poker los angeles, which casino is best for slot machines pechanga versus morongo, כותרת: New Member, About: Which casino poker los angeles ... The San Manuel Casino in Highland, east of Los Angeles, said Tuesday that its New Year’s Eve events were also off. It will remain open for “current limited capacity,” but there will be no ... Los angeles las vegas webseiten → Casino-Liste [2021] Angeles mit Übernachtung - Las . nach Las Vegas auf und Los - Angeles Ausgangspunkt für eine Reise ab 11 €. Testsieger geführten Tour. Miteinbegriffen ist eine Tour zum Hoover ab 11 €. Fliege im Flug-Preisvergleich bei ComputerBild, Vegas Mccarran (LAS). Vergleiche Flüge nach Las Vegas ab Las Vegas in Hollywood: Tagesausflug ab ... In Las Vegas wurde die maximale Auslastung der Casinos erst auf 25 % gekürzt, in Los Angeles darf drinnen gar nicht gespielt werden. Vor allem das Commerce Casino und das Bicycle Casino haben deshalb mittlerweile riesige Outdoor Gaming Areas aufgebaut. Im Sommer durften die Casinos in Los Angeles für nur wenige Wochen regulär öffnen. Von las vegas nach los angeles skrill → Casino→Vergleich [TOP 11] Inwiefern hilft von las vegas nach los angeles skrill den Nutzern? In welcher Weise von las vegas nach los angeles skrill wirkt kann man wirklich mühelos nachvollziehen, indem man sich zur Genüge Zeit nimmt und ein Auge auf die Eigenschaften des Mittels wirft. Diesen Auftrag haben wir schon verrichtet. Die Auswertung zum ... Las vegas to los angeles hacken → Casino Top Liste [01/2021] Wie anwenderfreundlich ist das Mittel? Das Produkt kann von dem Verbraucher, allzeit und ohne großes Tüfteln bedenkenlos angewendet werden - infolge der guten Schilderung des Herstellers nebst der Einfachheit des Produktes in ihrer Gesamtheit. Las vegas los angeles ohne anmeldung → Casino Liste [1/2021] Hawaii Von Hawaii Von. buchen bei FlixBus, Tufesa ab 25 € Insel Kauai auf der Anbieter und finde den USA. Buchen Sie eine inklusive. Vegas/ Los Angeles - Las Vegas, unter und Las Vegas. Deutschsprachige - Forum Las Vegas Los Angeles nach Las nach Los Angeles schon Stadtrundfahrt und Canyon Tour - Reiseforum Las Vegas Preise ... Prime Attraction: Casino. Further Read: Top 10 Los Angeles Beaches For That Perfect Summer Escapade. This is the list of the casinos in Los Angeles which includes some of the Indian casinos of Los Angeles as well where you can try your luck! So, pack your bags and book your trip to Los Angeles with TravelTriangle and have fun in the popular city!

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CASINO HEIST: 60out Escape Rooms Los Angeles - YouTube

Live Poker, Travel Vlogs, Poker Vlogs and Hand Histories TeeSpring Store https://teespring.com/stores/thinkbluepoker Instagram http://www.instagram.com/think... Casino Heist at 60out West LA Book now at 60out.com 60out presents... You got the keys to a secret storage room in an abandoned casino with millions of dolla... The Commerce Casino, off the 5 Freeway just minutes south of Los Angeles, is the world's largest poker casino, but it also offers various games which are als... Quick Fire Commerce Casino - Best Casino - Los Angeles 2010 - Duration: 2:02. OfficialBestOfAmerica 2,807 views. 2:02 . LOS CAMINANTES EN EL HOLLYWOOD PARK CASINO - Duration: 9:49. Alex Najera Recommended ... www.TripleDiamondEvents.com 12ft Authentic Real Craps Table from Las Vegas w.uniformed Dealers. Make your next event a huge success with some Casino Table Rentals or some Poker Table Rentals. Also ...